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Production requirements for vertical stainless steel storage tanks
- Sep 15, 2018 -

In the common storage tanks, vertical stainless steel storage tanks are still used more, not only can store oil, but other liquids are also possible. Vertical stainless steel storage tanks No matter which liquid is used for storage, when the radius of curvature of the member is less than or equal to 12.5m during production, the chord length of the curved template shall not be less than 1.5m; when the curvature is greater than 12.5mJ, the curved template The chord length must not be less than 2m. The length of the straight template shall not be less than 1m, and the curved model for measuring the deformation of the weld angle shall have a chord length of not less than 1m.


For the production of vertical stainless steel storage tanks, the cutting of steel plates and the bevels of welds should be machined or automatically or semi-automatically flame-cut, the arc edges of vertical tank tops and bottom edge plates, manual flame cutting Processing. For butt joints, steel plates with a thickness greater than 10 mm and steel plates for lap joints and thicknesses greater than 16 mm, the edge of the plate should not be sheared.


The edge processing surface of the vertical stainless steel storage tank steel plate should be smooth, and there should be no problems such as slag inclusion, delamination, cracks and slag. The hardened layer produced by the flame cutting groove shall be removed. These are the requirements for the production and production of vertical stainless steel storage tanks, and must be operated in strict accordance with their regulations in order to produce high-quality equipment.