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Pressure resistance is necessary for the outer coil tube reactor
- Dec 18, 2018 -

The outer coil tube reactor generally used in the industry is required to have pressure resistance; if the outer coil reactor has an influence on the catalyst, the reactor should be lined with tetrafluoroethylene. The general chemical plant has a pool, and the pool should be kept clean and clear. When the gas is released, release it slowly. They should be pumped to replace nitrogen.

 If the catalyst is palladium-carbon-carbon, it will not ignite when placed in a humid place; after adding the outer coil reactor, the solution is added and the reaction is added; after completion, it is cooled before placing the raw material, and the hydrogen is placed behind, the gas filled with nitrogen and then pressurized. Recovery of the catalyst If heating is required, the hydrogen is discharged in the overpressure filtration. The catalyst was rinsed with a solvent and sealed.

 Usually, the catalyst will be used until the activity is absent, and the catalyst is taken out once, and the catalyst is removed as needed, so it is less concerned with the risk of the catalyst. In summary, the seals are to be inspected during the hydrogenation of the outer coil reactor. The valve switches and safety valves are such that the gas does not leak and no leakage is observed. Check the kettle with a pressure gauge and thermometer and calibrate.