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Packing tower distillation recovery tower layout and separation process
- May 21, 2018 -

In order to meet the production requirements, we often need to consider the properties of materials, operating conditions, performance of tower equipment, and the manufacturing, installation, operation, and maintenance of tower equipment. Packing tower distillation recovery tower distillation principle is the partial vaporization of the liquid mixture, the use of the characteristics of the components in which the degree of volatility to achieve separation.


From the above description, it can be seen that during the working process of the distillation column of the packed column, the liquid in the column still remains, and the gas is distilled overhead. That is to say, the main function of the device is to separate the mixed liquids and use different liquids under different conditions, such as different temperatures, different volatility (boiling point) principles to separate the liquids, thereby achieving the purification effect.


The basic composition and arrangement of the distillation tower recovery tower system:


Under normal circumstances, the packed tower distillation recovery tower is mainly composed of a simple distillation tower, a reboiler, a condenser, and a reflux tank. In the process of layout, it is usually required to follow the flow of the process, to meet the requirements of the specification, as close as possible arrangement, and to form an independent operating system. In addition, similar equipment will be centralized, such as the condenser is generally arranged on three floors, the return tank is arranged on the second floor.


This is because the layout according to such standards can not only ensure the overall aesthetics, but also be more convenient for the user's operation. In addition, equipment and piping related to the distillation tower of the packed tower should also be carefully designed.


During the operation of the distillation column of the packed column, the liquid at the bottom of the column is heated by a reboiler to partially vaporize the liquid, and then it is reboiled from the bottom of the column and enters the column at the bottom of the column to make contact with the descending liquid in two phases. The volatile components in the liquid are continuously transferred to the vapor, and the volatile components in the vapor are continuously transferred to the descending liquid. Distillation of packed tower A part of the liquid that flows out of the bottom of the tower is sent to the reboiler and heated to return to the tower. The other part is recovered as residue.