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Introduction to the production process of formaldehyde production equipment
- May 02, 2018 -

At present, in the production process using formaldehyde production equipment, production requirements for industrial formaldehyde are generally produced using methanol as a raw material. Everyone should know that formaldehyde is an important organic chemical raw material and has been widely used in the production of thermosetting resins and organic chemical products such as butanediol, MDI (toluene diisocyanate) and polyoxymethylene.


So, what is the specific process flow in the process of making formaldehyde? In fact, when methanol, air and steam are mixed and put into the reactor of a formaldehyde production facility, when the catalytic action occurs on the silver catalyst to generate formaldehyde, the main reaction is oxidation and dehydrogenation. Normally, the methanol oxidation reaction starts at about 200°C and is therefore preheated into the reactor's raw material mixer.


Therefore, during the reflection process, heating is required in advance until a suitable temperature is reached. When the temperature of the catalytic bed of a formaldehyde production facility rises to about 200°C, it mainly reflects the slow progress, and it will continue to release a certain amount of heat. The heat released causes the catalytic bed to increase in temperature as the temperature continues to increase, so the temperature of the catalytic bed rises very rapidly after ignition.


At present, in actual production, due to the fact that the actual conditions are different, the formaldehyde production equipment is usually matched with different production processes such as silver catalytic oxidation, iron-molybdenum catalytic oxidation, and methylal oxidation. At present domestic and foreign industrial formaldehyde production use methanol as raw material, and most of them use silver catalytic oxidation. The most commonly used silver contact coal production process in China uses stainless steel fillers, secondary absorption, and cyclic oxidation processes.


Using this process to produce formaldehyde can not only improve the production efficiency of formaldehyde production equipment, but also reduce energy consumption. However, in the production process, it is necessary to reasonably control the oxidation and oxidation temperature of methanol, and at the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the control of the air flow rate and the methanol evaporation ratio. The control of these two process parameters is the core link of formaldehyde production.