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Installation and sealing requirements for reactor kettle body and reactor kettle lid
- Jan 15, 2019 -

During the daily use of the reactor, proper maintenance and maintenance are required. In the maintenance work, special attention must be paid to the installation and sealing of the kettle body and the kettle lid. The kettle body and the kettle lid are in contact with the line of the gasket or the tapered surface and the arc surface, and the main nut is tightened by pressing the main nut to achieve a good sealing effect.

It should be noted that when tightening the nut of the reactor body and the lid of the kettle, it is necessary to maintain the diagonal symmetry. It can be tightened repeatedly by multiple times, and the force is even. The lid of the kettle is not allowed to tilt to one side to achieve a good sealing effect. . When tightening the main nut, the specified tightening torque should not exceed the range of 40~120N.M to prevent the sealing surface from being crushed or overloaded. Special care should be taken for the sealing surface. Wipe the upper and lower sealing surfaces with a softer paper or cloth before each installation. Pay special attention not to touch the sealing surface of the kettle body and the lid.

Good maintenance and maintenance can extend the life of the reactor. Remember to slowly lift the lid up and down when disassembling the lid to prevent the sealing surfaces between the kettle and the lid from colliding with each other. If the seal is sealed with a gasket (tetrafluoroethylene, aluminum pad, copper pad, asbestos pad, etc.), a good sealing effect can be achieved by tightening the main nut.