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Heat transfer efficiency and operating advantages of the outer coil reactor
- Jul 06, 2018 -

The outer coil reactor is designed in such a way as to effectively reduce the wall thickness of the kettle body, further improve the bearing capacity of the equipment during operation, and the wall thickness ratio of the kettle body and the lower head during use. According to the jacket design, the wall thickness is 37.5% and 50%, and the equipment also reduces the overall diameter of the reactor body and saves space.


The outer coil reactor is beneficial to the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment during operation. This is mainly because it can be used as a heat source and, to a certain extent, can reduce the air thermal resistance in the ordinary jacketed reactor, saving energy consumption. : The ratio of jacket volume to half pipe volume is 8:1, reducing investment.


The outer coil reactor is small in size, and its structure is simple and reliable during operation. It is very economical, durable and complete in operation. It is equipped with a miniature DC motor, pressure gauge, explosion-proof device and air intake. Valves, sampling valves, and temperature probes make it easy to implement micro-reaction tests.


The body and the heater of the outer coil reactor can be completely separated, which greatly facilitates the disassembly of the small high-pressure reactor to a certain extent and improves the working efficiency. The pre-set reaction step can be completed with a high degree of automation, and the important parameters such as temperature, pressure, mechanical control (stirring, blasting, etc.) and reactant product concentration in the reaction process are strictly regulated.