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Formaldehyde plant process and advantages
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Formaldehyde complete set, which can adopt different preparation methods in the preparation of formaldehyde, such as silver formaldehyde method, and flue gas circulation method. The finished formaldehyde products obtained by these preparation methods have different concentrations, and the silver formaldehyde method The formaldehyde concentration is 37%-50%, and the flue gas circulation method can achieve a formaldehyde concentration of 52%.


Process flow of formaldehyde complete set

The complete set of formaldehyde is made of methanol. The process is as follows: methanol is pumped by a methanol pump through a regulating valve to enter a methanol evaporator, and evaporated and vaporized by a reboiler to obtain methanol vapor. Thereafter, the methanol vapor is introduced into the mixer. At the same time, air and water are mixed in proportion to obtain a mixed gas.


Thus, the methanol vapor and the mixed gas can be mixed in a mixer to form a mixed gas containing methanol. Then, the mixed gas is sent to an oxidizer, and methanol is oxidized and dehydrogenated to obtain a formaldehyde gas, and then formaldehyde gas is obtained, which is then sent to an absorption tower for absorption operation, and the formaldehyde product is obtained from the primary absorption tower. And other substances can be processed or recycled.


The new formaldehyde production unit is composed of a methanol storage tank, a cooler, a methanol distributor, a methanol evaporator, an air-methanol mixer, a superheater, an air-methanol-steam mixer, a reactor, a heat exchanger, a waste heat boiler, Absorbers, circulating water coolers and turbine generators. This kind of device has the advantages of recovering a large amount of waste heat, saving energy, small heat loss, and no environmental pollution.