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Formaldehyde complete sets of equipment overview and process features
- May 14, 2018 -

At present, there are many formaldehyde complete sets of equipment in the actual production, often using a new process of exhaust gas cycle, which is also a more advanced production process. In comparison, whether it is the formaldehyde plant itself, or the catalyst, process route, and control system, it has obvious advantages over the traditional process.


Under normal circumstances, we can use formaldehyde complete sets to produce formaldehyde products with a concentration of 37% to 50%, which is the only way to obtain high concentrations of formaldehyde by the silver method. Because of its many advantages, such as low unit consumption, long equipment life, complete control system, and product selectivity, it has been favored by many companies. Currently, the equipment market has great potential for development.


What is the process characteristic of this formaldehyde plant? From the analysis of the production process, the first is to heat the methanol and heat vaporize it to methanol gas. The control system controls the reaction temperature according to its oxygen-to-alcohol ratio so that the reaction proceeds in the best state. The exhaust gas circulation method is adopted in the process, and part of the reaction heat is taken away by the circulating gas. The traditional process route is to take all the reaction heat away from the ingredient vapor. Because of the exhaust gas circulation method, it is possible to prepare industrial formaldehyde with different concentrations to meet the needs of different downstream products.


In this formaldehyde plant, the structure of the main reactor, the oxidizer, is very special. It is precisely because of the special improvements in the structure that many problems encountered in the past have been easily resolved, such as the waste heat boiler. The stress corrosion and cavitation phenomena of the segment also greatly extend the service life of the oxidizer. Not only that, the device has a copper rod with excellent heat transfer effect in the heat exchange tube, which improves the gas velocity and shortens the residence time of the reaction gas in the high temperature zone, thereby reducing the side reactions.


As a result, the formaldehyde plant has also reduced energy consumption in the production process, saving a lot of production costs. At the same time, a new type of reaction catalyst has been used, which can make the operation of the formaldehyde plant more stable and long-lasting, and reduces the trouble of replacing the catalyst.