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Evaporation process of scraper thin film evaporator and its various motion patterns
- Dec 04, 2018 -

In fact, the scraper thin film evaporator belongs to an evaporator, which is characterized by the liquid of the material flowing directly along the wall of the heating pipe, and the effect of evaporation and heat transfer is completed. Its advantage is that the efficiency of heat transfer is high, the evaporation speed is also fast, and the whole stay of the material is relatively short, so it is often used in the heat-sensitive substance evaporation.

The scraper thin film evaporator is also composed of a heating chamber and an evaporation chamber. The evaporation chamber is mainly used to promote the jubilant vaporization of the liquid, and also provides heat for the liquid. The evaporation chamber is for the gas-liquid two-phase. Completely separate. Steam is generated when a large amount of liquid foam is heated by the thin film evaporator, because the space of the evaporation chamber is large, and the effect of the condensate itself or the addition of Mo can be separated from the gas phase.

The movement mode of the scraper thin film evaporator is three, one is a circulation type, and the boiling solution passes through the heating surface multiple times in the heating chamber, such as a circulating tube type, a hanging basket type, an external heating type, a column type, and a forced circulation.The other is a one-pass type, in which the boiling solution is heated in the heating chamber without circulating, that is, the concentrated liquid is discharged. There is also a direct contact type in which the heating medium is in direct contact with the solution for heat transfer, such as a submerged combustion evaporator. The scraper thin film evaporator device consumes a large amount of heating steam during operation, and in order to save heating steam, a multi-effect evaporation device and a steam recompression evaporator can be used.