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Electric heating reactor maintenance requirements and power constant temperature
- Jun 27, 2018 -

The electric heating reactor has the characteristics of rapid heating, corrosion resistance, hygienic, high temperature resistance and no need of automatic heating of the boiler in the process of operation, and is convenient to operate and use. The electric heating reactor uses electric heating rods to heat the oil inside the jacket. In this way, the temperature of the heat transfer oil can be raised to the required temperature, and then the temperature measurement controller controls the electric heating rod to make the temperature constant.

The electric heating reactor has absorbed a number of advanced technologies based on advanced technologies at home and abroad. It is widely used in medicine, chemicals, food, natural condiments, food additives, light industry and other industries.

Electric heating reactor maintenance requirements

1. The electric heating reactor should be operated strictly according to the working pressure and working temperature calibrated on the product nameplate to avoid danger.

2. The electric heating reactor should strictly abide by the provisions on cooling, oil filling and other aspects in the product operating instructions, and do a good job in equipment maintenance and maintenance.

3. When all valves of the electric heating reactor are used, slowly turn the stem (needle) to close the cover to achieve the sealing effect. Do not use excessive force when closing so as not to damage the sealing surface.

4. The electrical heating control reactor electric control instrument should be operated by a person, and set overload protection facilities as required.