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Driving device and design of scraper film evaporator
- Jul 02, 2018 -

The rotor rotating speed of the scraper film evaporator during operation is determined by the shape of the scraper. The viscosity of the material and the inside diameter of the evaporation cylinder during operation are selected by the scraper during operation. The proper line speed is one of the important parameters for ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the evaporator and satisfying the evaporation effect.

The material of the scraper film evaporator is tangentially entered into the evaporator by an inlet provided at the lower end of the separating cylinder. To a certain extent, the distributor installed in the separating cylinder is continuously and evenly distributed on the inner wall of the evaporating cylinder and evaporates from the evaporator. The secondary steam evaporated from the barrel rises up to the separation drum. The installed gas-liquid separator removes the droplets or bubbles that may be trapped in the secondary steam, and the secondary steam exits the evaporator from the outlet at the upper end.

The distributor of the scraper film evaporator is mainly installed on the rotor, and is designed reasonably during operation, so that the material entering the evaporator in the tangential direction can be continuously and uniformly displayed by the rotating distributor during the operation. The film was sprinkled on the evaporation surface.

The evaporation cylinder of the scraper film evaporator is an evaporation surface for heat exchange of the material which is formed into a film by the rotating blade and the heating medium in the jacket during use. The inner diameter and length of the evaporation cylinder are determined by the evaporation area and the appropriate The aspect ratio is determined.