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Application of spiral plate heat exchanger in alcohol production
- Jul 25, 2018 -

In the production of alcohol products, heat exchangers are required to complete the preheating, condensation and cooling processes in the alcohol distillation process. From the practical application point of view, the spiral plate heat exchanger has high heat transfer efficiency, can achieve complete reverse flow, is not easy to scale, and is particularly suitable for the outstanding advantages of heat exchange with suspended materials and fluid materials.


Although the spiral plate heat exchanger has not been used for a long time in the alcohol production industry, the heat exchanger device has achieved good results in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, textile, paper, food and other industries. Users report that it is more reasonable and feasible to save water, save investment, operation and effect analysis.


Therefore, it is very necessary to use a spiral plate heat exchanger in alcohol production. The rational use of the heat exchanger helps to improve the problem of large water consumption and low efficiency of many alcohol plants. In short, in the design process of the alcohol plant, the process flow and equipment selection adopted are advanced, reasonable and reliable, and the energy consumption in the production process of the alcohol plant is a very important factor.