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Application and product characteristics of outer coil reactor
- Feb 14, 2019 -

The outer coil reactor is a new type of heating reactor. It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, pharmaceutical and other fields to complete the processes of vulcanization, nitration, hydrogenation, alkylation, polymerization and condensation. The device has the advantages of high heating efficiency, fast cooling material speed, and reduced customer production cost.


Features of the outer coil reactor product:

1. The system with the weighing module not only ensures the measurement accuracy, but also maintains long-term stable use, and solves the weighing error caused by improper ingredients.

2. The weight signal of the kettle body can be fed back to the junction box through a pressure weighing module located at the bottom of the outer coil reactor. The signal of each weighing module is connected in parallel in the junction box, and the angular difference can be adjusted according to the load condition of each weighing module, and the collected weight signal is sent to the weighing end or the weight transmitter. The weighing terminal or weight transmitter processes the weight signal into corresponding weight data.

3. The outer coil reactor can be used in different combinations, such as floating and semi-floating combination, the weighing system formed by using the sensor, can automatically measure the weighing data, can store the computer and carry out weighing Data management.