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agitated thin film evaporator
- Mar 20, 2018 -

The central circulating tubular evaporator is also known as a standard evaporator. Its heating chamber is composed of vertical tube bundles, the center of which has a large diameter central circulation tube, the remaining pipe diameter smaller heating pipe called boiling pipe. Because the central circulation tube is larger, its unit volume solution occupies the heat transfer surface, smaller than the unit solution in the boiling tube, that is, the central circulation tube and other heating pipe solution of different degrees of heating, so that the boiling tube of the vapor-liquid mixture density than the central circulation of the solution in the density of small, coupled with rising steam upward suction effect, The liquid in the evaporator is formed by the circulation of the central circulation tube and the boiling tube. This cycle is mainly caused by the density difference of the solution, so it is called natural circulation. This effect is beneficial to the improvement of heat transfer in the evaporator.