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Advantages in handling high-salt wastewater treatment of the three effect evaporator
- Jan 30, 2019 -

In wastewater treatment operations, it is often necessary to select suitable treatment equipment for the characteristics of the wastewater. At present, evaporation has become one of the modern unit operations, that is, a part of the solvent in the solution is vaporized and removed by heating to increase the concentration of the solution or to create conditions for the precipitation of the solute. The three effect evaporator desalination method is a method of removing inorganic salts in the waste liquid by evaporation using a concentrated crystallization system.

In the process of treating the salty wastewater, the salty wastewater enters the three effect evaporator and is subjected to concentrated crystallization treatment such as evaporation and condensation, and then separated into dehydrated water and concentrated crystal slurry waste liquid; the inorganic salt and some organic substances can be crystallized and separated. The incineration treatment is an inorganic salt waste residue; the organic liquid concentrated waste liquid which cannot be crystallized can be formed by a drum evaporator to form a solid waste residue and incinerated; the desalinated water can be returned to the production system for use as a substitute for softened water.

Compared with other treatment methods, the three effect evaporator has obvious advantages in the treatment of high-salt wastewater. With the development of the chemical industry, more and more high-salt wastewater needs to be treated, and the application of the three effect evaporator desalination method will become more and more extensive.